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Education is fundamental in the life of each individual. Its goal, according to Martin Luther King, is to reach intelligence and build character of young people.
That is schools’ purpose: children and teenagers can learn new things, widening their knowledge, and at the same time they develop skills in different areas which will be useful for them later in life.
It helps them grow as people and understand what their interests are.
Students sometimes believe that it is more important to have good marks rather than learning something new. This is not what the Bedford Academy, a school in the UK, thinks education is about: it has put pupils’ character formation before anything else. They operate using an example coming from America which focuses on developing useful skills for the everyday life. Children receive a mark on a “passport” given by their teachers whenever they show a particular attribute when working on projects alone or with their classmates. It’s a good way to motivate children because they know they’ll be rewarded. So far, both pupils and teachers are satisfied with the results.
Schools should be able to give all of their students the same opportunities and teachers should help them understand what they would like to do once they have finished their studies. That way, they can learn how to face all the challenges in their life, especially if they live in disadvantaged areas. Often children who live in places like this don’t get a proper education because of the bad economic or social situation in their country. This doesn’t happen in industrialised countries, as it is easier to provide an efficient educational system.
All young people should be able to learn because it is important not only for their general knowledge, but also for their future in order to find a job and be independent.
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