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Descriptive essay

I could not take my eyes off the plane window. I was so excited because in a few seconds I would land in Barcelona . From above you could see the whole metropolis. What caught my attention at once was the enormous Sagrada Familia, a spectacular church which rises in the middle of the city with its sky-high towers.

Once I arrived at the city centre I could perceive a strange and chaotic atmosphere. Logically, when you are used to small, quiet places and you visit such a big town, you might feel a sense of confusion. However, it was a pleasant feeling, I was not scared at all but rather curious. The big avenues, the heavy traffic, the lights of the buildings sorrounded me and made me feel part of that new hectic space. “What a lively place” I thought. It was late in the evening but it seemed to be daytime because of the noises and the numerous people still awake talking loudly in the local bars and restaurants. On the contrary, in the town where I live you cannot find a living soul in the streets at night, unless it is Saturday.

While walking along the most famous avenue of Barcelona, “La Rambla”, I was entranced by all the distractions along the way: there were lots of street artists, people singing or playing an instrument.

At the end of the street I came upon an enormous statue of Colombus, behind which there was the harbour. When I reached it I noticed that it was all still and the landscape filled me with emotion. I could see just a few people, who were looking at the other part of the city from the bridge. In that moment I heard nothing but the sound of silence. And I would have stayed on the dock for hours, admiring the beautiful reflections in the water.