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4-Day Tour on London
Four-Day-Tour on London

I'm going now to explain to you a little four days tour of London. For the transfers that required more than 10 minutes walk You would use the public transport, in fact the price of this tour includes also the London Travel card that gives You the access to Buses, Trams, National Rail services and the London Underground.
1st Day
Victoria & Albert Museum
It was founded in 1852.
It was named after Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.
It's the world's largest Museum of decorative arts and design.
It houses a permanent collection of over 4,5 million objects, organized in 145 galleries.

Hyde Park
One of the largest parks in Central London.
It covers an area of 142 hectares.
It is divided in two by the Serpentine.
It is famous for the Speaker's Corner → an area of public speaking (very topic but royal matters are allowed).

Royal Albert Hall
One of the UK's most distinctive buildings.
It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871.
It's a Concert Hall in South Kensington.
It was originally designed with a capacity of 9.000 people, number then reduced due to security reasons.

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