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There is a world to discover behind simple words, a world that can carry us in a different dimension from what surrounds us, a dimension that can make us cry, laugh, fall in love and live. That of reading is a passion that I’ ve had since I was a child! As a child I grew up with Mickey Mouse comics and my favorite Marvel superhero comics. I have experienced my first reading adventures with Mickey Mouse and his funny friends: I have read hundreds of their adventures in an Italian weekly comic called Topolino, which is the Italian name given to Mickey Mouse. I couldn't wait for the Sundays to come, when I used to go out with my father to the newsagent to buy Topolino so that I could read the adventures of the sweetest Minnie; the smartest Daisy Duck and her silly boyfriend Donald Duck; the hilarious and awkward Goofy; the richest duck uncle Scrooge Mc Duck and his spiteful grandchildren Huey, Dewey e Louie; all those are adventures that I will never forget.
As I grew up I became interested in other things to read , like all kids I also loved superheroes, among these I preferred Spider man and Wolverine to other superheroes, because behind their wonderful suites and masks I could see men who suffered, who often had a sad life but had big hearts.
Fantasy books are my favorite books. In particular I love Harry Potter. Harry was my childhood friend, my best friend, and he has accompanied me in my growth since I was about 5 years, he has taught me many things. Harry and his World, was also the world where I could take refuge when I had enough of mine, his world has taught me virtue, loyalty, fidelity, the ability to see and appreciate friendship, and above all love <the preferred solution of Dumbledore>, values that will forever be part of me, along with all the people who gave me so many emotions. Recently I am reading the new Percy Jackson saga , with which I find myself combining two things I really like: Fantasy and Greek Mythology. Percy was a boy different from other boys , he is dyslexic and hyperactive, but his diversity doesn't consist in that, he is different from the other boys because he is a demigod, in other words he is Poseidon’s son and soon he will be forced to make a deal with his true nature, that he hasn't known for 10 years.
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