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Friendship : one word, ten letters, an immense meaning. Maybe, it isn’t a nice way to start a topic, but it doesn’t matter. These 5 minutes aren’t enough to talk about the meaning of friendship. But maybe, there isn’t a true and own meaning. To be honest I think that friendship isn’t always sincere , it could be one of the worst pains, but also one of the most intense joys. You can suffer a lot from friendship.
Being of the same age isn’t the only reason why teenagers should consider themselves friends, I think that there is a lot more , like understanding and to be able to count on them when you really need them Some people use me as their “alternative” when they have nobody else to talk to, or to go out with, they believe I think that they are my friend, but they are wrong, I can’t define a friend who considers me an just object. I think real friends are those who will never leave you alone

I’m a moody person , I can be happy 1 hour and I can become sad the next one. People must have patience when they want to become friends with me , and not all people are patient. This shows that the best friends are going to stay whatever happens. I haven’t many friends because I‘m not an easy person. I become friends only with those who get to know me well. Antonia and Angela are my cousins but they are my friends too .We have been mates since we were born. When we were children Antonia couldn’t stand Angela and for Angela it was the same. Now they are inseparable. There is Linda. She is my best friend … no! She is my life . We are like sisters, I tell her everything about me and when I’m not well, she runs to my house and I returned the smile, because she is my smile. My life has changed since I met Barbara. We have a very different personality. This is a proof that it isn’t necessary to be the same to get on well. Friendship unites also many people that form a group. My group is formed by these 4 girls . They are the people with whom I have more fun. I go out with them during the week-end. Sometimes they come to my house and we make a cake together. This is a photo of my best friend I who takes care of me and in return I take care of her.
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