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Last year I had a wonderful work experience in a PMA clinic as a biotechnologist. PMA ,which stands for Procreation Medical Assisted, represents the new Reproductive Medicine frontier , and it is a last chance for sterile couples to have a child. I was fascinated by this new world , in particular for the possibility to give a couple their so desired child.
After my degree in Biotechnology, I saw an advertisement for a master in Biotechnology of Reproduction It was something really new , because these techniques aren’t welcomed in Italy since It’s a Catholic Country and the idea that man could create human life like a God has been obstructed. Thus, I decided to enrolled. in order to begin this incredible experience. As soon as I completed the master, I sent my curriculum vitae to a PMA clinic and they took me on. I used to follow the couples from the moment they entered the clinic till they left, starting from blood tests till the operation. I still remember the mood of the couples that couldn’t have a baby. They were very frustrated because their desire for a child became an obsession.

The most critical moment is the operation. What we do is that we recreate in test tubes what happens in nature, so, the gynecologist makes the pick-up of the woman’s oocytes, which are then inseminated with the partner’s sperm. After three days, the product of the insemination will be placed in the uterus. Here the magic happens, because in 9 month this embryo will become a baby. We don’t know immediately if the operation goes well, so we have to wait some days to make a pregnancy test and cross fingers. One day, a couple came to the clinic. I still remember their name: Sofia e Nicola. They told me that they got married young when they were 22 years old, but they couldn’t have a baby. In their story there was pain and sadness. The manager assigned me the couple and we began the PMA practice . At the end of the treatment, we implanted three beautiful embryos in the woman. Before going away, Sofia offered sweets and coffee to all the staff as good luck. After some days my phone rang, it was Sophia with good news. She was very happy and she told me that it was the most beautiful of her life because she was pregnant. In that moment I felt like a God. So I really understood what I wanted to do in my life. This experience pushed me to a new target. I think that, I can give an important help to these couples, but I prefer helping in a more specific role rather than being a biotechnologist. So I have decided to go back to university to become a Doctor, in particular to become a Gynecologist so I will fight on the side of those couples who want their dream of becoming parents, to come true
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