The song was created to give life to the feelings and emotions of the uman beings; so it's free from any metric constraints and doesn't have many rules to learn. So the song has musicality should be well melodious also to have greater public: why few people know really sing and are able to make all the mess to get to the top. Who can sing means he has good intentions for his future and wants to show his emotions to other to feel all brothers and united in a single cause: the common good. The song has several purposes: fundraisers, psycho-social support, communion between people, dedications of love, etc... Very often, however, the song began as a poem made up of one or more stanzas with a refrain that is what you remember most and most passionate about it because there's the soul of the true singer. The real singer should know gather public consensus through good music and a good poem/song and must be able to keep up with the times. For example, a young man of 2016 can't make a song of 1940 because then it was another world and there was another kind of music: the songs were then sealed because there was the war; today its are more rhythmic because they tell the problems current as work, health, school, family and very often the songs were born for these purposes entice people to change their attitudes and are also exported all over the world. I love to sing out loud because I can't keep everything inside of me, but no one understands me, and hinders me. I especially love the songs neomelodiche neapolitan, good Italian and English music and dialect songs. My favourite artists are many precisely because I love to listen good music: Gigi d'Alessio, Laura Pausini, Tiziano Ferro, Gianni Celeste, Rosario Miraggio, Marco Carta, Zero Assoluto, Michael Bublè, James Blunt, etc... I just hope I'll be successful in another world!

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