Classical music is the sacred music developed between the eleventh and twentieth century. Famous artists of this kind of music were Johann Sebastian Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Salieri, Rossini-just to name a few-but this music was very popular because it was sweet, catchy, musical and melodious. So it was used for children, for those who were anxious and needed a cure without resorting to drugs and today is widely used for people who are in a coma or for pregnant women who need to relax before the birth. The modern music is the music born in '900 by artists like Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, Richard Strauss and other. This kind of music was very pleasant at the time, but now don't know much it because of the emergence of other genres, especially the crooner. It's scientifically proven that classical music is good for the heart because it relaxes the heart muscle and the brain because it helps maintain the well-being throughout the body, but not only helps to calm stress and lower blood pressure. So why not break away a little bit from the world and enjoy a nice relaxing listening to classical music? It's an excellent remedy to better address the problems and above all life in general. This is why I prefer mire classical to modern music because it relaxes me in the true sense of the word, thanks to the melodic instruments used as the harpsichord and clarinet: I seem to be in another world!

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