Careers Food and Nutrition

Boys and girls are regularly prepared for home making and other careers and some of these careers require university education while others do not.
For example Food and Nutrition presents different branches that leads to the formation in specific areas:
1) Dietetics: a dietitian works in hospitals helping with diets for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

2) Nutrition: a nutritionist can work in a health department, schools, hospitals and industries. He or she helps people improve their nutritional habits and status, so as to keep in good health.

3) Food service: people in this career can work as catering managers, supervisors, stewards, etc. Depending on their qualifications. They work in hotels, hospitals, schools, airlines, etc.

4) Catering: a caterer cooks for people in boarding schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc.

5) Hotel Management: this involves running a hotel as a business. It is also called institution management.

6) Teaching: teachers in this area, teach foods and nutrition.

7) Research: researchers in this area work on foods and nutrition problems. They discover new dats of planning and cooking foods etc.

8)Food Technology: a food technologist applies the principles of foods, science and engineering in the development, production, processing, packaging and distribution of foods.

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