Boy and Girl Relationship

Boy and girl relationship should be made as wholesome and healthy as possible. Unwholesome and unhealthy boy and girl relationship can result into the following problems:
1. Unwholesome sexual indulgence or relationship.

2. Lack of self-discipline and respect.

3. Ventral diseases.

4. Teenage pregnancy.

5. Various anti-social behaviours, such as smoking, stealing, etc.

6. Abortion and even death.

Guidelines for healthy and wholesome boy and girl relationship:
Wholesome relationship between a boy and a girl can be long lasting. When they are sincere and share similar interests, such relationship can result in marriage in future. The following guidelines are important for healthy and wholesome boy and girl relationship:
1. Adolescents should choose friends who have good character.

2. They should seek their parent's approval of their friends.

3. They should bring their friends home and introduce them to their parents or guardians.

4. They should feel free to discuss their problems with their parents.

5. Friends should be free to visit each other's home.

6. They should choose friends who have common interests with them.

7. Friends should learn about each other's family.

8. Parents should discuss freely with their children at all times.

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