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Clothing and Textiles

There are different careers for students who take the university branch relating to Clothing and Textiles
1) Designing: persons in this career create new designs for garments (fashion). There are also designers for fabric or textiles, and designers foe clothing accessories. They are all called Fashion designers.

2) pattern illustration: the pattern illustrator develops paper patterns for sale.

3) Beauty care and hair dressing: Beauticians and hair dressers run salons where they take care of people's hair and perform other beauty treatments.
Dressmaking or tailoring: dressmakers and tailors sew garments for people.

4) Dry cleaning and laundering: the dry cleaners and launderers dry clean and launder clothing articles for people.

5) Modelling: a model works in fashion industries. He or she wears newly designed dress styles for people to see and buy.

6) Fashion merchandising: people in this area select, buy and sell textiles, apparels and other clothing accessories.

7) Weaving: weavers construct fibers and yarns into fabrics and textiles.

8) Dyeing: people in this career do tie-dye and batik to produce "Adire" and other locally dyed materials.

9) Teaching: teachers in this area teach clothing and textiles

10) Research: researchers in this area work on clothing and textiles.
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