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In 1998 has gone to Spain with my school. It was the best holiday that I have ever had. I remember it very well.
The first day we left Caserta at six o'clock in the morning and stopped in Florence at two p.m. We had some food after other stops in other cities and finally we arrived in Barcelona where we visited beautiful things like
The “sacra famiglia “cathedral built in 1298. Barcelona has Baroque origins, and people from Barcelona don’t consider themselves Spanish but Catalogna and they don't like Spanish people. I stayed in Barcelona for five days and they were the best day of my life. I also visited a beautiful garden and also the biggest square in the city. The streets are one way with interesting baroque houses on each side.
The beach is sandy and there is a harbor too and in the port I visited Columbus’s three vessels which he used to travel to America.
I also visited the Picasso museum and its beautiful operas. When I visit new cities I often go to see the museums. I like to visit especially modern art museums.
I stayed at Lloret de mar, a small city on the Mediterranean coast, which of course is smaller than Barcelona but I liked it too. We stayed in a 5 star hotel with a swimming pool, big rooms, Italian and Spanish restaurants.
Lore de' mare has a nice sandy beach in a bay. In this beautiful town there are many pubs and many discos. I stayed there for other three days. When I returned to Italy I was melancholic
Spain is the place that I will love forever, as it is the first foreign country that I have visited, maybe also for this reason I had such a good time. it was a fantastic holiday and people were friendly and welcoming.
I want to return there but I would also like to visit other places like England, Greece and Asia, in fact this summer I’m going to go to England.
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