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The Italian education

The Italian education is controlled by the Ministry of Public education.

It’s based on primary, secondary and higher education.

* At the age of six to age of eleven the children must go to the primary school, where they learn to write and to read.
They study some subjects like Maths, Italian, History, Science, English.

The children must wear a blue school smock with a bow coloured differently for each year for all the primary school.

* Before the elementary school the children can go to the nursery school from the age oft three to the age of six.
The parents prefer sent the children at nursery school because they can go to work and do not pay any baby-sitter;
Also the children relation with other children.

* The first level of secondary school lasts for three years ( from 12), the students study the same subjects as primary school but in some school students can learn a second language, like Spanish or French.

* The students who receive a Diploma di Licenza di Scuola Media, could choose to continue their education in a Liceo, in a Technical school, in a Professional or in a Conservatory of Music.

If you attend a professional or a technical education you can access to profession directly, instead if you attend a Liceo you had to go to University for work.
There are a lot of subject’s different :
In a classical school you study Greek and Latin also the other school subjects;
In a technical school there are practical subjects.

* The students who have taken a diploma can continue their education going to university, divided in two levels :
* First three years and the specialization in a particular sector of subjects.
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