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The subdivision of meals

A balanced diet should be divided into more meals. A balanced diet should at least consist in 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) but, especially for boys, is acceptable even greater dilution (of joined snack mid morning and afternoon snack).
The main ones are:
Breakfast in the morning: which must be a nutritively valid to ensure and supply the body with all the energy you need during work hours or school.
On this point the food habits vary greatly in different countries: in Italy the morning breakfast usually consists of coffee, tea or milk accompanied by bread, butter and jam or, for boys, from cookies or pastries.
Adults often have the bad habit of taking only a cup of coffee.
Lunch (or second breakfast): which still is, to us, the main meal of the day, must be nutritively rich, but not excessive. But eating habits are quickly changing, especially in big cities, where adoption of fulltime job and not part-time in many businesses and offices,are forcing people to dine away from home.

In this situation, the lunch is no longer the main meal of the day, that will be consumed, instead, in the evening, but it consists of meals or sandwiches, eaten quickly in American which are called local fast food (fast food literally) or, more Italianate, cafeterias or similar.
Many voices have been raised against this way of eating habits, but the new work rhythm involve different dietary solutions certainly.
Dinner: must be nutritively less rich than at lunch, if this keeps the main meal, otherwise it will be dinner to assume the role of greater importance.
Mid morning snack and snack should be fruit and yogurt.

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