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Social problems

Some more social ills
Along with unemployment, crime and juvenile violence, Britain suffers from other social ills, such as alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction. Alcoholism is a major problem in Britain and damage caused by alcohol overuse is enormous. It causes a large number of all road deaths and has serious effects in terms of illness, family-break-ups, working inefficiency and crime.
Young people start drinking early. A large number of them begin drinking before the legal age of 18. People of any age must know that alcohol depresses some brain functions. It affects the ability, for instance, of driving or of operating a machine. Pregnant women take the risk of having unhealthy babies if they drink too much during pregnancy.
Smoking is not only a problem in the adult population. Unfortunately a large number of secondary school pupils, boys and girls indiscriminately, smoke regularly. Tobacco has been shown to be guilty of heart attacks and some very serious illnesses such as lung cancer and emphysema. The Government is following an active health-education policy toward of a reduction of the level of smoking of whether adult or young people. Education about the harmful effects of smoking is included in the nationals curriculum for all pupils in Public schools in England and Wales. A national campaign aimed at adult smokers emphasizes the danger of passive smoke as well. Cigarette advertisements are banned on radio, television, buses, and underground trains.
The abuse of drug and drug addiction are other serious health problems in Britain today. In recent years, the abuse of dangerous drugs such as heroin and cocaine has become a severe problem throughout Western Europe. Unfortunately, drug assumption is common among young people too. In general, most of addicts are in London and in all big English cities. The Government is running mass media campaigns against the abuse of illicit drug and students in primary and secondary schools receive educations on the dangers of drug abuse.
The Government also supports the work of voluntary organizations whose services include advice and help to face and solve these huge social and health problems in Britain.
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