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Musical Angel

Helena Zarakina is seven years old. She lives in Moscow. Helena is good at music. That is not unusual, but what is unusual is that she is a great composer. Helena can write operas. Helena has a five year old brother. He is also good musician. They are students at the famous Music School in Moscow. They go to the school twice a week. They take trains and buses and the journey takes four hours. On the other days she plays and composes at home. Helena does not have much time to ply with friends but she is happy. She loves music. Helena’s teachers believe that her first opera, The little Squirrel, is the work of a genius. Helena is very good at reading music and she is quite good at writing it, but she prefers dictate her notes to her father. Her father, Yuri, is a musician. When he writes the music down, Yuri smiles and says ‘it’s like dictation from an angel.

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