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Apple, the way i-Live

Apple Inc

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne at Job’s family home in Cupertino, California.
The first product, Apple I, was only a motherboard hand-built by Wozniak which needed a keyboard and a monitor to work. It cost 666.66$ because Wozniak simply liked triple digit numbers.
Jobs then added on the price 66 cents in order to make it an eye-catcher price for the ads. The very next year consumers could trade in the Apple I for the Apple II, come with the new logo. Then, in 1984, the Macintosh appeared in one of the best commercial of all time ran during Super Bowl XVIII; At $2.495, it was the first affordable computer to offer a graphical user interface(GUI), with an intuitive layout of folders and icons.
After this success, Steve Jobs left Apple because of internal conflicts and from that moment on, Apple had begun to decline. In 1997 Jobs returned to Apple with new software and vision for reconstructing the Macintosh image: in fact, a year later, the iMac was introduced and quickly became the best-selling personal computer in America. It was a self-contained unit that required minimal setup and even had a handle that made it easy to pull out of the box and move around. For this reason, the iMac was so attractive especially to users who didn’t know much about computers.
In the early 2000’s, with the introduction of the successful iPod and the iTunes Music Store, Apple established itself as a leader in the consumer electronics and media sales industries. Next, in 2007, came the iPhone: its launch brought the most dramatic change to the mobile phone industry in its lifetime. Since the first announcement, the company continued to release revolutionary products. Because of his deteriorating health, Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple in August 2011, and, unfortunately, died a couple of months later, on October 5, marking an era for the company.
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