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William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud (Daffodils)
The poet and daffodils are the character. He speaks the natural language. Daffodils make slow movement, they were dancing, the typical movement of nature.
They are described in their position but with words that are not common to describe flower. This way is full of lights given by daffodils and the poet contemplate them. He consider nature as a spirit, he is lost in nature, life in countryside is better than in an industrial city.
A very strong happiness of the poet. Real vision is not a dream and the poet is the protagonist. He has a spiritual side and special eyes that only him has. He experiences something greater, the complete pleasure that daffodils gave to him.
Composed upon Westminster Bridge
Life in countryside oppose to life in town. The poet describes the beauty of London earl in the morning, he is able to see reality as a child. The ideal state of nature, nothing is imposed by nature. Everybody can experience happiness.
It’s impossible not observe such a great majesty. The city as a vivid force of God. This city is silent, this perfection could be contemplated early in the morning. There’s the same silent of country but he is alone on Westminster bridge. He uses auditory image to explain London early in the morning. London lose this beauty. The poet describes it as a brilliant city when there’s silent and he wants this splendor again.
Otherwise, London is a city where people suffer and is impossible to experience silent in other moments of the day. London as the countryside where peace can be experienced only during the silent. The poet describes a life completely different from the on imposed by the industrial revolution.
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