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Woolf, Virginia – “Night and day”

"Night and day" is the second novel written by the English author Virginia Woolf. The book was published in 1919.
The novel is set in London during the beginning of the twentieth century, that is the historical period characterized by the movement of suffragettes, the rebellion of the characters to the familiar traditions imposed, the courageous stance of the woman, the progressive conquer for the independence and the awareness of human rights.
The novel is characterized by a traditional structure.
The book is the story of some unfortunate lovers whose stories intertwine. In particular, Virginia Woolf describes the life of the two protagonists, Mary and Katharine, around which two other characters rotate, Rodney and William.
In the succession of days and nights, the four friends seem to be in a constant search for the realization, happiness, sense of their existence, those through volunteering and those with literature.
However, the plot is only a pretext to talk about the condition of women during the twentieth century, the difficulty of relationships, the importance of work, literature and poetry, the perception of reality.
Despite the undeniable stylistic ability of the author to describe situations and characters, the novel often has moments of heaviness due to constant introspection.
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