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Woolf, Virginia – "Between the Acts"

"Between the Acts" is the latest novel written by the English author Virginia Woolf. The book was published in 1941, after the tragic suicide of the author.
“Between the Acts” is set in a house, but in reality is characterized by a metaphysical environment, made up of eco and intangible presences.
The plot takes us on a midsummer afternoon of 1939: while England is already at war, in the country Miss La Trobe prepares her show, which has as protagonists the villagers and that will take place in the magnificent portico of the house of the Oliver.
Virginia Woolf's style is very powerful, multi-directional, symbolic and anguished.
The most important thing of the novel is not the representation of the plot but what is around it, what happens between the spectators, what happens when the boundary between fiction and reality becomes so feeble that you can hardly see it anymore.
It is difficult to understand what reality is when you look at it through mirrors, like the glass objects that actors use to interpret the part of the show dedicated to the present, a present in which the imminence of war is breathed in every detail. Everything is part of a single flow, of which we are an integral and yet disoriented part.
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