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Woolf, Virginia - "The Voyage Out"

"The Voyage Out" is the first novel that was written by the English author Virginia Woolf. The book was published in 1915. Despite its debut, the novel is already characterized by the stylistic peculiarities of Woolf's poetics, such as the flow of consciousness.
The protagonist is Rachel Vinrance, a young woman, daughter of a shipowner. She plays the piano, lives in Richmond with her aunts and is an orphan of a mother.
Terence is a lazy man, defined as moody, sensual, overwhelmed by a sense of incapacity, of incompetence. Around Rachel and Terence orbits a corollary of rarefied characters, lacking in depth, immersed in the superficiality of things that seem to float in limbo with them. They are young, snobbish Londoners, boys and girls who do nothing but 'kill time'.
Rachel and Terence fall in love in silence, chasing each other, meeting each other without ever really reaching out, in a grueling search, through a skilful game of looks.
The fundamental aspect of the novel is not the plot but the style: the novel is characterized by the incessant mental flow of the protagonists.
The story is simple and linear, with an unexpected conclusion, but, through the narration, the author succeeds in her creative intent that is to delineate characters and situations.
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