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William Blake

He was not only a writer but also an artist actually he studied works
of Raphael and Michelangelo. In his life he was influced by the Bible that
influenced aslo his literary works. He belongs to the first generation of romantic poets and in fact he was a supporter of the franch revolution.

Among his most important works we have ''The lamb'' and ''The tiger''
that shows the importance that Blake gave to the use of ''Symbolism''.

In the ''The lamb'' the themes the creation and innonence actually ''the lamb'' could be a symbol that rappresents the chidlhood. We have also a refercence to god and jesus christ that is incarnated by the figure of the child present in the work that is close to the source of creation.

''The Tiger'' rappresents the God's power creation and the energy of the human life. The tiger is also compared to the revolution that is a kind freedom brought just through the violence and destruction that are innocent too , beacuse thay are compared with the descrutive impulses of a child.