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• Born in Dublin in 1865
• The main themes of his works are: Ireland, spiritualism and love
• the poet is looking for values less transient than those of the society in which he lives
• He is Irish as Joyce
Yeats through spiritualism tries to create a new universe
• In 1899 he met Maude Gonne her influence the policy of Yeats
• To spread the patriotic theme founds the Irish Theatrical Society
• in 1917 he married Georgie Hyde-Lees
• between 1922 and 1928 is a senator in parliament in Dublin
• In 1923 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature
• is the leader of the Celtic revival with myths, folklore, legends of Ireland
• It was influenced by Symbolism

Easter 1916
• Composed of four stanzas
• It reflects the style of a ballad
• There are many assonances
• At the end of the stanza we are always the refrain
• Begins the description of Dublin like a theatre (Comedy of Errors)
• In "Easter 1916," Yeats asserts that Ireland and its people have been "changed utterly"(79).

• Yeats memorializes the individuals who sacrificed their lives in the Easter Rebellion as a tribute their ability to transform themselves and the history of Ireland.
• In "Easter 1916," Yeats suggests that Ireland had to affirm its independence and national identity through rebellion and the passionate pursuit of change.
• in the first stanza speaks in the first person and describes how he lived revolt and it distanced from what happened
• in the second stanza presents the people of the revolt
• The use of "stone" in lines 43 and 56 is symbolic to the poem. A stone represents an inanimate object that stays the same. It uses the image of nature to say that change is inevitable.
• Last stanza compares Ireland to a child running because he thinks that the Irish are fanatics. He wonders if this was necessary, maybe it's just an excess of love for their country. It makes a number of questions because he does not understand the reason for the revolt and again mentions the characters but not because the woman was not executed.
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