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Summary of the book: Tales from the thousand and one night

The story of Sharayar and Sharazad, the vizier’s daughter:
There were once two kings called Sharayar and Sharazad; they lived far from each other so they decided to meet again after a long time. Sharazad killed his wife when he found out that she had a lover. One day Sharazad was looking at his brother’s garden and he saw Shahryar’s wife kissing with a slave.
After that Sharayar killed his wife, started marrying a girl every night, and killed her every morning, until the vizier’s daughter married him. She was tired about the king so she decided to marry him and try to escape the death. She started telling the king a long story that lasts some years. After nights and days they got marry and they lived happily ever after.
The enchanted horse:
An Indian man wanted to sell an enchanted horse to the king. It was a very special present, because this wooden horse could fly. Prince Firouz, the king’s son, tried the horse but they flew very far away and they landed near a huge castle. The king was very hungry with the Indian man and he put him to prison. Prince Firouz met the sultan’s of Bengal daughter. They fell in love and they stayed together for a month. After that, Prince Firouz and his lover came back to his dad, but the Indian man kidnapped the girl and flew away with her. A prince saw that a girl was in a hurry so he saved her and wanted to marry her the next day. Prince Firouz found the princess and, while there was a big festival in a square, they hid in the smoke and returned to Schiraz and they married.
Ali Baba and the forty thieves:
Ali Baba was a poor man. While he was in the forest, he saw 40 thieves stealing gold, rubies and jewels from a secret cavern. He did it too and decided to pound the treasure with his rich brother’s scales. His brother went to the cavern but the captain of the forty thieves killed him. Ali Baba was worried so he went to the cavern and he saw his brother’s body pieces around the door. He took them away. When the forty thieves saw that the body was not there anymore they wanted to find and kill Ali Baba. The captain tried to kill him many times but without success, because Morgiana, Ali Baba’s slave, stopped and killed him. After the captain’s death, Morgiana married Ali Baba’s son.
The second Voyage of Sindbad the sailor:
Sindbad wanted new adventures so he started a new journey. While he was sleeping under a tree, his boat went away and he was alone on a wild island. He was terrified when he found out that there was rac, a mythological bird. He tied himself on the rac and flew until they landed in the Valley of Diamonds, a land full of sand, diamonds and snakes. After a terrible night in a cave, Sindbad hid under a huge piece of meat until an eagle took him in a village. He met some men there and they offered him food and drinks. Sindbad told them about his journey and he got noticed about the fact that he was the very first man who escaped from the Valley of Diamonds.

The story of the Young King of the Black Islands:
The young king married his cousin but she did not love him. One day the young king found out that his wife had a lover and she used to put some sleeping potion in his husband’s wine to escape from the castle and meet her lover in the forest. The young king was very angry and he hurt his wife’s lover with his sword. She cried for years and built a huge dome for his lover. The young king was about to kill his wife but she blocked and transformed him into a block of marble and she transformed the city in a lake and the people into fishes. She hit him with a whip every day for one hundred times. It happened until one day a prince visited the young king. They made a plan to kill the girl and the next day they killed her because they hid under her lover’s black curtain and they killed her with a sword after she repaired all her spells.
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