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De Profundis by Oscar Wilde

One of the less famous works of the English writer Oscar Wilde, although suggestive, is De Profundis.
It was written from 1854 to 1900 during the period of Wilde's imprisonment in Reading prison.
De Profundis is a long letter vent that directs Wilde to his lover Lord Alfred Douglas. Wilde writes about all the events that happened since he began attending Alfred Lord and how he has been the cause of all his troubles and imprisonment in the prison (in fact, during the Victorian period, characterized by a strong puritanism, which implied many restriction about sexuality, homosexuality was considered as a crime).
The true nature of this wonderful work had to be that of a personal and individual letter, as the Latin title suggests, and as the large rate of personal references addressed directly to the person show.
In fact, the writer did not want to write a novel that everyone could read: the purpose of Oscar Wilde was to make clear to his lover as his selfishness and hatred immeasurable for the father to have led to his downfall. Read access from work you can see that Wilde bares his feelings.

This letter is full of feelings and opposites such as the love that Oscar Wilde feels for Alfred but, at the same time the terrible hate for him and the despair for his condition.

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