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An ideal husband - Oscar Wilde

An ideal husband was judged to be the best Oscar Wilde's comedy because of the seriousness of the subject matter and the lightness of his writing. The main theme of this work is the corruption of a politician. Sir Robert Chiltern is considered an example of moral correctness by his wife and by the company, but he began his brilliant political career with a deception: he sold its weight in gold an important state secret. Fraud remains unknown until it is presented to Sir Robert, Mrs Chevely, in possession of irrefutable evidence of his guilt has come to blackmail him but Sir Robert manages to come out unscathed
The public issue Wilde also interweaves the private: Sir Robert's wife loves seeing in him not a man, but an ideal (the ideal husband, in fact). She sees that her husband in the embodiment of honesty, incorruptibility, of moral probity. All this leads her to worship him as a perfect being, free from all weakness. Came aware of the error which has been marred by young, his reaction is to the total rigidity and closing, to the point that the two also risk their separation.
So another important theme is the difference between reality and imagination and the consequences that this contrast can have on ordinary life.
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