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"Solar" is a novel written by the English author Ian McEwan. The book was published in 2010.
The protagonist is Professor Beard, an intelligent man but also a very negative character: he hides a perverse evil, he is mean and he is incapable of living.
The characterization of the protagonist is caustic, his actions pushed by a temperament that has its roots in childhood, but does not justify the behavior of the adult man, who is by nature a cynical selfish. On this basis there is a novel that has many levels of reading, narrative, fun and light, made up of improbable situations and scenarios, grotesque secondary characters and destined to suffer the perverse charm of the protagonist; the sociological one, which in my opinion is the most important, which could be written for hours, because it describes and analyzes by journalists, opinion leaders, ordinary people, activists and fanatics what is the scarecrow of recent years: the overheating of the planet . Argument on the lips of many, but in the brains of a few, which has the great merit of sowing guilt in anyone, but without revealing the real scope and to enrich those who perceive its long and short-term economic potential. With the natural mastery typical of McEwan's pen, the reader feels part of the problem almost to make the seed of guilt sprout and promise not to throw a can in the trash can any longer, but then everything turns upside down, because the The point of view is that of a Nobel who sees things in his cynicism for what they are and who succeeds in conveying to us the real extent of the problem that manifests itself more as a mirror for the larks than an imminent catastrophe.
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