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The Romantic Age

Romantic Age
The romanticism is born in opposition to the neoclassicism. The romantic age gives importance to feelings and imagination in opposition to the agustan values that give importance to the reason and the order. The childhood becomes the most important phase of the human life because the childhood was considered sacred.
In this age the poetry is the strument through which one the poet express his own soul. Moreover the language is no more sophisticated but becomes a common language. Everybody with special senbility can be a poet. The poets of the first generation are : wordsworth, coleridge and blake that at the begining shared the enthusiams for the revolution and later they turned their vision and this is the reason why they was criticised by the second generation. The lyrical ballads, written by wordsworth and coleridge, rappresents the ''manifesto'' of the romantic age.

Lyrical Ballads And Wordsworth vision of poet and nature:
Lyrical Ballads was the result of the collaboration between William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge . The first edition focused his attention on every day life and the second one on supernatural themes. The firs edition was publicated in 1798 and second one in 1800.
In those years was publicated also the preface of wordsworth that contained the main features of the new romantic poetry.
-As Subjects we have incindets and situation from every day life.
Language was ordinary , the language of common people.
Imagination: as a strument to transform common things in something special, special things.
Poetry: becomes the ''spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings''
that in Wordsworth derive from ''emotion recollected in
tranquillity'' through memories.

Wordsworth vision of poet and Nature.
Nature was for Wordsworth a ''livigin presence'' through which one man could discover the presence of God. The poet becomes a ''Priest'' because leads the mankind through the contemplation of nature to the
discovery of God.