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The Innocent

“The innocent” is a novel written by Ian Mc Ewan in 1990. It takes place in Berlin, at the beginning of the Cold War and talks about a military operation to build a tunnel from the American sector to the Russian sector (It’s an historical event, that takes place in 1955/1956). The protagonist is Leonard Marnham, a post office engineer who is employed by the Americans to install the signal in the tunnel. The novel also shows as the British were annoyed with the Americans, and Mac Namee insists that Leonard acts for them as a spy. In parallel Mc Ewan shows a love story between Leonard and Marie, that culminates with the murder of Marie’s ex husband. Briefly, in last part of the book, the relationship between Leonard and Marie seems about to fall apart, so he leaves and, when he goes back, he sees her beloved with a mutual friend, so he thinks that they’re engaged, but the novel ends when Leonard receives a letter from Marie, explaining the real situation, so he’s determined to find her once more!
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