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It by Stephen King

This novel was actually written in 1987 and published but the events narrated in it take place during the 1950s. In 1958 , according to the plot of the story, the small town of Derry, in Maine (USA) is shocked by a mysterious, evil creature that kills children. The monster is referred to as "It" , and takes on different forms, including that of a clown wearing a silk with big orange buttons.
The main characters are seven children, Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kapbrak, Stan Uris and Mike Hanlon. The call themselves the Losers' club because they all have a weakness of some kind that makes them outsiders and losers: Bill stutters, Ben is very fat, Beverly is very poor and her father beats her up, Richie has weak eyes and must wear thick glasses, Eddie suffers from asthma and is opposed by w domineering mother, Stan is Jewish and Mike is black. Each of them has terrifying encounters with the monster lurks in Derry's sewers. If the children have their weak points they are, however , endowed with superior intelligence and creativity. They join forces and they manage to defeat again if it should ever reappear. The "Losers" - all except Mike - leave Derry and become very successful in different fields; Bill, in particular, becomes a bestselling writer. In 1985 they are called back to Derry by Mike, who informs them that children are being murdered again. Faithfull to their promise, they hasten to return , engage in a final, terrible battle with monster and finally destroy it.
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