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"Debby's debut"

"Debby's debut" is a novel written by the American author Alcott Luisa May.
The main topics dealt with are: the construction of female identity, the dignity of work, the importance of honesty and to remain faithful to oneself, the safeguard of the good values that modern society risks to forget.
The protagonist of the novel is the eighteen year old Debby Wilder: she is a cheerful and carefree country girl.

When rich Aunt Carroll invites her to take her to the seaside in a fashionable seaside resort, Debby believes a month or two of quiet pleasures and entertainment await her, but her silly, frivolous aunt is determined to find her a good husband. according to his canons, he must be a rich young man with a high-sounding surname. Too bad that the ideas of the young niece do not coincide exactly with hers.
Simple, honest, sincere and without frills, Debby moves uncomfortably in high society, with the elegant and low-cut dresses that her aunt forces her to wear, among fashionable ladies who look down on her, a matron whose fakes smiles conceal barely the derision and rich, bored young men for whom seduction is a pastime, and scandalizes everyone with his spontaneous and good-natured ways and his extravagant ideas. For example, Debby does not share her aunt's marriage ambitions and does not intend to marry until she has found true, strong, genuine, and sincere love. And who knows that he is not destined to meet him at sea, in the guise of a poor employee only in the world, but sweet, intelligent, similar to values, interests and inclinations, and, just like Debby, as uncomfortable as a fish out of water in high society. Will our heroine be able to realize her summer dream or will she succumb to the elegant and annoying courtiers that buzz around her?
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