This story deals with Eveline’s life, a nineteen young girl of Dublin. At the beginning ,she looks out of the window the street where she played when she was a child. Eveline thinks about her life: she is afraid of her father that hits her and she feels frustrated by her shop’s assistant job. So Eveline plans to live with Frank,a dech boy, to Buenos Aires. The girl is caught by lots of doubts. As a matter of fact,at the port she doesn’t go and leaves Frank alone on the ship. This because she had made, to her mother, the promise of keeping united the family as much as possible.

-Relationship with her father: terrible because he was violent.
-She wasn’t happy of her job
-She would change her life
-Eveline’s inability to escape and to leave her frustrating life


The story starts in medias-res. There are:
An introduction with the presentation of Eveline, the place where the story takes place and the family’s story(from 1 to 18 lines)
A development ( Turning point: while she is leaving with Frank, suddenly she decides to stay with her father)
A conclusion (from 110 to 131 lines)

We have a limited third-person narrator. The story is told from the perspective of Eveline.

Links with Arte(Orologi Molli by Dalì)
This story remembers me the famous picture Orologi molli by Salvador Dalì. It expresses the idea of efface the fixed and monotonous rules that mark the everyday life. The watches represent the time of memory and, for this reason, they have a fluid, vain form. Similarly to Eveline’s short story, the painting focuses about the passage of time, the memories of the past. Everything is pervaded by a feeling of melancholy.

Links with the story of Oliver Twist
The story reminds me the famous film Oliver Twist adapted from the namesake story by Charles Dickens. Oliver's story is very similar to that of Eveline as both are mistreated, Eveline by his father while Oliver from the “boss” of the gang of pickpockets. But, unfortunately, they can’t escape from their devasted lives,as Eveline decide not to leave with her ​​boyfriend and Oliver goes to visit in prison his “boss” who made a thief out of him.

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