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She was born in London in 1797 and was the daughter of the philosopher William Godwin and the wife of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. After his death, she write Frankstein, her masterpiece. She died in London in 1851.


It is a gothic novel and a science-film (written in a form of letters by the captain of a ship to his sister) tells the story of a swiss scientist who manages to create a human being by joining parts selected from corpses.
The result is ugly because the Monster (cobsidered Rousseau's natural man doesn't influenced by civilization) becomes a murder and destroys his creator.
The story is not told chronologically but by different narrators: at first Walton, who informs hus sister; Frankstein who informs Walton and finally the monster ibforms Frankstein who informs Walton who informs his sister. The novel begins so: 'it was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils....'. The main themes of the novel are: the overreacher; the double (Frankstein and his creature suffer from a sense of alienation); the nature; the usurpation of the female role; the social prejudices.
This novel was born by the readings of ghost stories, by her anxieties and fears and was influenced by the study of chemistry and by the works of Rousseau abd Coleridge, as well as the myth of Prometheus (the Greek giant who stole the fire from gods to give it to the the men).
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