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Frankestein – Mary Shelley: themes, summary and focus on the theme of ambition

The novel is free from raw and bloody representations, but contains mainly thoughts and reflections on the relationship between life and death, on the relationship between parent and child, on feelings and ethics.
The narrative flows slowly, sometimes seems to run aground before recovering; is not marked by a strong pace, do not look for sensationalism and the twist.
The moral of the story is to be found in the soul of the monster and his creator, in their tears, in their respective sufferings and expectations.
Brilliant the author's idea of drawing the human journey of two characters so that they lead to the merger: two bodies own soul.
A major theme of the novel is human ambition. The ambition of Dr. Victor Frankenstein is one of those very dangerous, and in the pages of this book readers become viewers of his achievement, but above all its consequences. Victor wants to perform the task which until then had only been up to the Creator, that generate life. Being able to realize one thing, however, does not necessarily mean knowing how to control, and this new life that is born, he does so at the expense of the one who created it, it will sink into oblivion. Victor will demonstrate immediately not know how to manage her child, leaving her to fend for herself in a world of which he knows nothing, that alienates him and despises him because of its diversity and its ugliness outside. Already. Because the human being has an additional problem, which is to judge by appearances. Frankenstein's monster is the symbol of this concept. Initially, in fact, under his horrifying features he hid a good soul, kind and innocent. As his soul is filled with love, however, anyone who he came across he can judge him only by his outward appearance, moving it away in disgust. Thus, they transform a being kind-hearted into a bloodthirsty monster thirsting for revenge. The writer then, with the story of Frankenstein's monster, puts the emphasis on the devastating effects that can have prejudices of men and misfortunes that overwhelm the lives of those who, for excessive ambition, wants to play God.
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