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Mary Shelley - The reasons why she wrote Frankenstein

The reasons why Mary Shelley wrote Frankestein are linked to her personal experience:
    Her mother's death
Her mother died only ten days after her birth. Frankenstein could be the symbol of Mary's hope to make relive her mother.
    Her personal anxieties and fears
Two years after her mother's death, his father married Jane Clairmont. This was a difficult period for her, because of the bad relationship She had with her stepsister, Jane Claire.
    Her scientific studies to corpses
She and her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley were interested in science, in particular in chemistry. They made experiments on corpses. Frankenstein, in fact, was created through the use of electricity and chemistry.
    The reading of ghost stories
She was interested in the reading of horror and ghost stories.
    The nightmare She had
The initial inspiration burst into Mary's consciousness as a waking dream or nightmare, the result of the intellectual stimulation of George Gordon Byron.
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