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Frankenstein - By Mary Shelley

Robert Walton, an explorer who wanted to arrive at the North Pole, told his sister his adventures by writing letters. During his travel he met Victor Frankenstein, a man that seemed very weak and near to death, so Walton helped him. They became friends, but when Walton revealed his dreams to Dr Frankenstein, he told him with sadness his history in order to convince Walton to give up.
Frankenstein came from Switzerland, was interested in alchemy and in science in general. During his studies at the University of Ingolstadt, he found out the secret of life. He took parts from dead bodies from a cemetery and he used them for a new creature, similar to a man. But then he abandoned him and ran away.
"It" (Frankenstein’s monster) was basically good. The creature walked around until he reached the De Laceys' cottage and learnt to speak and to read, and he discovered something about history, human society, the family: he tried to make friends with the humans but he was violently refused one time more. Once he saved a girl, but a man, having seen only the monster near the girl attacked him. So "It" became evil. He decided to go to Geneva, because Dr Frankenstein was born there.

The doctor didn't have news from the monster until It killed William, his brother. People didn't know anything about the monster, so they accused a family friend, Justine, who was tried and executed. One day Victor met the monster in the Alps, who asked to his creator a female for him. At the beginning Frankenstein agreed: he worked on the female monster, but then he destroyed his second creation, because he realized that two monsters could be dangerous for the mankind.
The monster was very angry and promised Victor that he would be with him during his marriage night. Frankenstein went to Ireland and he was accused of Clervall's death, so he was imprisoned. When he returned to Geneva he married Elizabeth, but he was frightened because he thought that he would have been murdered during that night, so he told Elizabeth to stay away from him and wait. When he heard his wife screaming, he realized that he had done a mistake; in fact the monster wouldn’t like to kill him, but his loved companion. Also Frankenstein’s father died and he decided to look for the monster in order to have his revenge.
At this point Walton and Victor had met each other. After a few days Victor died. While Walton was writing a letter he heard some noises and he saw the monster near Dr.Frankenstein's body and was crying he couldn't apologize for what he had done. Then the monster decided to leave our world and destroyed himself with fire.

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