Frankenstein - La trama

The plot of the novel i s very simple: Frankenstein, a Swiss scientist, manages to create a human being by joining parts selected from corps. the result is not good. the monster becomes a murderer and in the end destroys his creator.
the origin of the novel: Mary Shelley wrote this novel because she's marked by her mother'r murder.
the influence of the science: Mary Shelley dedicated this novel to Goodwin including social justice and education. even the influence of her husband was important, he and Mary were interested in science, particularity chemistry.
literary influence: the influence of the philosopher Lock can be seen in the description of the monster's self awareness and his education by experience. another important influence was the work of the romantic poets in general: the most meaningful element derived from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's rime of the ancient mariner. the myth of Prometheus is also important: he in the Greek mythology was a giant who stole the fire from god in order to give it to men.
main themes: the quest for forbidden knowledge, the penetration of nature's secrets, the double because doctor Frankenstein and the monster are two aspect of the same being, the usurpation of the female role, social prejudice, education and experience.
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