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Orwell – 1984

1984 is the best known book by the English writer George Orwell. It is a dystopian novel that was written and published in 1948.
The novel is a criticism of the dictatorship, and this makes it always current.
Orwell's purpose in writing this masterpiece is to point out that a negative future like the one described in the book is not mere fantasy, as it is based on really happened historical events.
The Earth is divided into three huge continents: Oceania, Eurasia and Estasia. In this context, there is a totalitarian regime, headed by Big Brother.
The protagonist is Winston Smith, an ordinary citizen, living in London.
Orwell describes a society that, trying to escape the errors of pure capitalism, ends up in dehumanizing totalitarianism.
The author wants to show how certain lines of thought, certain political ideologies, can become atrocious totalitarianism, in which wealth and power results in hands of a select few, while other individuals are obliged to live exactly according to the dictates of the Party. torture and death, or are considered sub-men, inferior beings by nature, not worthy of any interest. Thus, Winston seems convinced that the only source of salvation is the prolet.
Only among them could the force capable of destroying the Party be born. But it was necessary for them to become aware of their strength, but to do so they would have to rebel.
This anti-utopian society outlined in 1984, characterized by complete and total control over the mass, is characterized above all by the mental control that is implemented. This, exercised on the individual as on the mass, is made possible by the continuous state of fear in which individuals are forced to live, and above all by the meticulous manipulation of the language promoted by the Party.
Thus the neo-language is created, the specific purpose of which is to make impossible any form of thought different from that proposed, or rather, imposed. The hope, the belief, is that, once the new language had been completely adopted, and the forgotten archeolinguian, every heretical thought (which deviated from the principles of Socing) would have been literally impossible to put into words.
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