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In this years there was a shift away from the Victorian novel because there was a transformation of British society. The novelists spoke about the confused present. There were new factors that contributed at the modern novel such as the Freud's theory of the psyche. The modern novelist rejected the omniscient narration and experimented new techniques such as the "steam of consciousness" and the interior monologue. Time was subjective and internal. Their attention centered on the development of the relationships.

In the end of the 19th century the united states had become the richest country in the World. The economic boom , however, has not prevented the spree of poverty. in the industrial areas of North the workers lived again in slums. The USA had pursued a policy of imperial expansion, it bought the Alaska form Russia and try to conquered Cuba. Indeed the USA supported the Cuban rebellion against Spain. The Spanish-American war ended with the defeat of Spain and the USA acquired Cuba. When the First World War broke out America joined only in 1917. When the armistice was singed American President, Wilson, proposed the "fourteen point" to work out the peace. During the 1920's the economy grew quickly. For this the economic prosperity gave rise to a feeling of euphoria and experimentation in music, with new styles like jazz. In 1929 the American economy collapses. It was known as the 'Great Wall Street Crash'. In the same year there was the 'Dust Bowl', an ecological disaster. In 1932 Roosevelt became president and promised a series of reforms know as 'New Deal'. it was based to relief, recovery, reform.

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