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Contesto storico del 900

The first decade of the 20th century is called the ''Belle epoque'' and during this period ordinary men and women read more newspapers thanbefore and used the new means of communication as the radio and the cinema. But this stability was shattered by the wars, in fact during the 20th century there were two devastating world was.
The first, also called the ''Great War'' was characterized by an unparalleled distruction while, the second, by the horrors of German concentration camps and the two atomic bombs.The writers of this period are so influenced by the ideas of Freud and Einstein. Freud in fact, in his essay ''The interpretation of dreams'', explained that the human psyche was characterized by irrational forces called ''subconscious'', and for this reason, he used the new method of investigation based on psycoanalisis characterized by the interpretation of dreams. Einstein made his new theory of relativity that concealed the time and the space as subjective dimensions. In this contest emerded the modernism, a revolutionary movement in literature, art and music .

Le donne

During the wars, the men fought at the front and the women had the possibility to work instead of men in the offices, in the idustries, in the public transports. The women's emancipation was refleted in the fashions because for the first time in history hair was cut and the skirts were shortened. In the relations with men, the women conquested freedom and in general equality with men. In 1918 the women received the right to vote with the help of Pankhurts who led the fight for the women's voting rights in England.