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"Enduring Love"

"Enduring Love" is a novel written by the British author Ian Mc Ewan. The book was published in 1997.
In this novel in which McEwan in a superb way explores not only the results of a mind marked by a psychiatric pathology, but also the encounter-clash between rational and spiritual.
The narrative inspiration is a badly finished pic-nic: this gives the stura to an intertwining of faces and stories, to a gallery of humanity that under the patina of a placid normality hides unresolved problems, dissatisfactions and contrasting moods.
The psychological construction embroidered by the author on his protagonists, fits like a bespoke suit, mixing psychiatry, psychology, spirituality and science; a mix dosed with absolute mastery, with wisdom and insight, to flow into a story that encompasses many stories.
The face of the disease interfaces with that of reasoning, the patterns of logic derail against those of religion or imagination.
What strikes and makes the book very interesting is the characterization of the characters, outlined with a few elements, but sufficient to identify with each of them.
The protagonist Joe Rose is presented to us as a rational man who has made logic the religion of his life, as well as the shield with which to protect himself from the adversities that life puts on his way.
Rationality is the only link that can keep him tied to his youthful dreams that fuel his thirst for discovery and success in the field of theoretical physics that has failed to invade and conquer as he wanted, but only to exploit becoming a simple journalist , successful is true, but simple translator of others' discoveries.
So a man frustrated from a professional point of view, but satisfied in love life, sweet and attentive, full of care for his Clarissa.
Clarissa is a woman sure of herself and of her success, who finds the frustration alive in her sterility that annihilates her being a complete woman.
The character of Clarissa is finely hateful and is in some ways the real cause of Joe's uneasiness, unease born of a man who is his antithesis; if he is the rationality Jed Perry is emotionality, if it is logic the other is delirium.
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