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"Enduring Love" - Ian McEwan

"Enduring Love" is a novel written by Ian McEwan and published in 1997.
The author explores the results of a mind marked by a psychiatric disease, but also the encounter between rational and spiritual.
The face of the disease interfaces with that of rationality, the patterns of logic derail against those of religion or imagination.
The protagonist Joe Rose is a rational man who has made logic the religion of his life, as well as the shield with which to protect himself from the adversity that life puts on his way.
Rationality is the only bond that can keep it tied to his youthful dreams that fuel his thirst for discovery and success in the field of theoretical physics, which he did not manage to achieve as he wanted, but only to exploit becoming a mere journalist, and despite his professional success, he is not happy with his job position, which translates the discoveries of others.
Despite the frustration from a professional point of view, the protagonist is thrilled in sentimental life, and is full of cares for his Clarissa.
Clarissa is a confident woman of her own and her success, who finds frustration alive in her sterility that undermines her being a complete woman.
Clarissa's character is extremely hateful and is in some way the real cause of Joe's discomfort, a discomfort stemming from a man who is his antithesis; if he is the rationality Jed Perry is the emotion, if the logic is the other is delirium.
From a social point of view, the novel describes contemporary society, especially in the relationship with law enforcement, the inability to be protected, the inability to prevent events that can not be prevented, but only punished.
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