The Portrait of a Lady

Henry James was born in 1843 in New York City. he went to school in Boulogne, Paris, Geneva and Bonn and then he entered to Harward Law School. He began writing reviews and critical essays. James published his first novel before he was thirty years old. He spent most of his life in Europe and here he wrote Daisy Miller and The Portrait of a Lady.

the center of his interest was the question of point of view: how the world looks to one particular character and how that point of view is different for other people.

Isabel Archer visits her family in England, but unfortunately her uncle dies and leaves to her a large fortune, so she’s beautiful, charming and rich. There are three man that are fall in love with her: Lord Warburton, an English aristocrat, Caspar Goodwood; an American suitor, and Gilbert Osmond, an American Art Collector.

Isabel Archer is from Albany and she lives with her aunt, Mrs Touchett. one day they go to Gardencourt and here Isabel meets her cousin Ralph. Ralph have a friend: Lord Warburton that is fall in love with Isabel, in fact he asked to her to marry him, but Isabel, but she doesn’t accept because she love her freedom.
Henrietta, an Isabel friend, says to Isabel that she has met Caspar Goodwood, the man that Isabel has rejected his hand.
Isabel meets an American Lady: Madame Merle, and they become friends.
A Madame Merle’s friend, Gilbert Osmond is fall in love with Isabel and he ask to her to marry him. Isabel accept. Gilbert Osmond has a daughter, Pansy, but anyone know who is her mother. Isabel received a letter where there is write that Ralph is dying and he wants to see her. Gilbert doesn’t want that Isabel returns to Gardencourt, but Isabel doesn’t listen him. Isabel discovers that Madame Merle is the Pansy’s mother but this fact nobody must know. before the death of Ralph, Isabel meets Caspar Goodwood and he says to her to leave Osmond and to go away. But the next morning Isabel returned to Rome, where she lives with Gilbert Osmond.
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