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"Love, again" is a novel written by the English author Doris Lessing.
The protagonist of the novel is called Sarah, she is a lonely and satisfied woman, who brilliantly overcame an early loss. His "sensible" life is filled with work, artistic passion, friendships and family concerns. Apparently it seems that nothing is missing, but Julie Vairon arrives, which, like a hurricane, will shake and revolutionize the existence of Sarah and that of other people.
The tornado arrives, hits, passes and leaves behind memories, reflections, unveiling.
Julie is a beautiful, romantic and intelligent woman with a thousand talents, a suicidal heroine who has been dead for years; but his voice still makes itself heard. The galeotta occasion, always indispensable to unleash passions, arrives with the preparation of a theatrical piece inspired by the story of Julie and built with her words, her music, her personality more alive than ever. And it is precisely "the insidious intimacy typical of the theater" that arouses the storm, a sudden flowering of passions that bring new energy, but also new sufferings in the life of the protagonist of his friends.

The author describes gracefully and meticulously the looks, the nuances, the interweaving, the movements of the eyes and the heart. These meticulous descriptions, however, slow down the reading and sometimes make the gears creak: the characters lose vitality, the emotions stiffen.
Finally, in the final pages, Sarah believes she is finding out what is going on behind the amorous deliriums of the mature age.
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