Video appunto: Hornby, Nick – Juliet, Naked
"Juliet, Naked" is a novel written by English author Nick Hornby, which was published in 2009.
As in the book written the previous year ("Slam"), also in this novel Nick Hornby questions couple relationships, existence, everyday life, human aspects in such a way as to provoke intense reflection.
However, we can note that this novel, although of greater brevity, is characterized by greater introspection.

The protagonists are Duncan and Annie, who have lived together for over a decade in Gooleness, a murky English town on the sea, in what is an existence marked by a few readings in common, distinct friendships and the total absence of a non-platonic relationship.

And while Annie, on the threshold of forty, increasingly nurtures a growing desire for motherhood, Duncan lives for Tucker Crowe, a successful 1980s rock singer whose myth was fueled by that fifteen or so few fans. on the globe who have continued to talk about it even after his retirement from the stage.
It is precisely in these days when she wonders whether or not it is worth continuing a relationship that has certainly been a great waste of time that a new album by the much acclaimed author comes out, a set of songs that have never ended and are the result of a very confusing study work. Duncan ends in an isolated listening, even a little angry since his partner had the opportunity to enjoy it before him for a postal quibble, and as soon as possible he writes a super positive review which obviously arouses conflicting opinions. Annie herself disagrees with this judgment, so much so that she decides to write her version and, after the expert's scrutiny, to have it published on the online channel. Many agree with her, including Tucker Crowe himself who never fails to contact her via email. From here begins an interesting exchange of letters that will lead the two to get to know each other and to weave a deep bond of mutual confessions and exchange. To frame two relationships that are crumbling, the first is precisely that between Annie and Duncan who, after the two different reviews, comes to an end due in particular to a gesture by him.