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Joyce - Eveline

“Eveline” is a short story included in "Dubliners" and particularly in the group “adolescence”. The protagonist, Eveline, is 19 years old and works in a shop.
At the beginning of the story Eveline is sitting at the window and thinking about her past but also about her future plans with her lover, Frank.

As a matter of fact, Eveline and Frank, who is a sailor, have decided go to Buenos Aires to live there together. On the one hand, Eveline wants to leave Dublin and start a new life with Frank; on the other hand, her sense of duty makes her consider the idea of staying in Dublin with her family.
Eveline remembers that before her mother’s death, she had promised her to take care of the rest of the family. She reflects on her current life at home: she spends her time cleaning and cooking, which is hard but not the worst option; also, her father is not always mean to her.
Then the sound of a street organ reminds of her mother’s sad life, which increases her desire for escape.
Eventually, paralysis prevails. In the last scenes Eveline is about to get into Frank’s ship, but he still doesn’t know what to do and for this reason he pays God. Frank calls her, but Eveline, emotionless, doesn’t move.
The main theme is the contrast between paralysis, that is a state of immobility and inhability to act, and epiphany, that is an awakening of human consciousness.