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Joyce, James - Eveline (2) scaricato 27 volte
Riassunto in inglese del racconte eveline di Jeames Joyce che fa parte del libro gente di dublino (dublineers)

Eveline is a short-story written by James Joyce, a famous Irish writer. 1904. In “Eveline,” Joyce’s presents the dilemma faced by a young woman who must either care for her father and children or follow her boyfriend, a sailor who had a home in buenos ayres. Eveline is a nineteen years old girl who is planning to leave Ireland forever with a sailor whose name is Frank. At the start Eveline was in her house, she sat at the window in the evening, she could smell of the dusty cretonne . She looked at the people passing outside, and she start to remember the past, when she was a child when she was a girl out there and played with his brothers and other children and her father was not so bad.. Now one of her brothers was died and also Tizzie Dunn was died (a child that palyed with eveline). Others friends of evelin returned in england. And
also evelins mother was died. Her old father dislikes him and often threatens her with violence accusing her of squandering his money.Eveline lives alone with him as her brother has gone away (one died) and her mother died after life of sacrifice.
Evelin want to run away with a sailor frank. But the memory of a promis that eveline made to her mother before she died prevents it from starting. Infact she promised to her mother that she keep the home togheter.
She was paralysed because she don't know if she want leave ihrish or not. She had evry reason to leav dublin: -She has to work hard in the store and is accused of squandering money by his father. Her father abused to her -nobody protects her -she not want to live like her mother well she though that is better go away with frank and became her wife. Frank had a home in buenos ayres and they go to the station for took a boat but when the boat ready to leave she is paralysed and frank will have to leav alone eveline.
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