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Jane Eyere - The first antheroine

All novels by Charlotte Bronte are autobiographical, in fact they were inspired experiences in collages where a lot of girls died for terrible condition. In her works women have a strong personality, that is unconventional for her epoch. So we can considered her the forerunner of all modern feminists. Even if Jane Eyre is Charlotte’s masterpiece, we can remember: Shirley, Villette, the Professor in which we have an image of the Victorian Age where all the heroines were rich, pretty and lucky.

While Jane is just the opposite the novel shows some aspects of the Victorian age and has also dark and gothic situation. Jane is a orphan that lives thanks to her courage. Jane works at Mr. Rochester’s house. The 2 fall in love, but becomes a tragedy, to underline that Jane cannot be happy, cannot improve, her condition, cannot escape her destiny.
Rochester has a secret because he has a wife with a mad woman that lives in the attic like a ghost. Jane goes away, meets another man who would marry her, but she comes back to Rochester. He is alone, poor, blind but now he is free because his wife died.
They can love and stay together. Jane is the person who can build her destiny day by day. Jane rejected many proposals of marriage, something incredible for her epoch. Jane does not want to accept compromises and is a powerful character who lives for ideas and principles.
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