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Born July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, USA, Ernest Hemingway is the symbol of the twentieth century literary writer, one who has been able to break away from a certain stylistic tradition of being able to influence subsequent generations of scrittori.Appassionato hunting and fishing, educated to do so by his father, owner of a farm in the woods of Michigan, as a child learns to practice different sports, among which is included the violent and dangerous boxing: an attraction for the strong emotions that will never abandon Hemingway and representing his hallmark as a man and as scrittore.E '1917 when it begins to wield a pen and paper, after graduating, working as a reporter to the "Kansas City Star". A year later, unable, because of a defect in the left eye, join the army of the United States just gone to war, it becomes ambulance driver of the Red Cross and ships in Italy on the Piave front. Seriously wounded by fire from a mortar on July 8, 1918 in Fossalta di Piave, and is saving a soldier shot to death, he is hospitalized in Milan, where he falls in love with nurse Agnes Von Kurowsky. After he was decorated for bravery, in 1919 returns to casa.Nonostante is hailed as a hero, his restless nature and perpetually unsatisfied does not feel still OK. He is dedicated to writing some stories, completely ignored by publishers and the cultural environment. Driven from home by her mother that the accusation of being a reckless, he moved to Chicago where he wrote articles for the "Toronto Star" and "Star Weekly". At a party knows Elizabeth Hadley Richardson, six years older than him, tall and graceful. The two fall in love and get married in 1920, counting on annual pension of three thousand US dollars her and planning to go to live in Italy. But the writer Sherwood Anderson, already then famous for "The Tales of Ohio", looked at as a model by Hemingway, pushes him toward Paris, cultural capital of that time, where the pair even moved. Of course, the extraordinary cultural environment influences him greatly, mainly because of the contact with the avant-garde, which led him to a reflection on language, pointing the way towards the antiaccademismo.
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