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Ernest Hemingway, the second son of a large family, was born in Oak Park, a suburb not far from Chicago, 21 July 1899. In the company of his father, a doctor who loved the outdoors, it is introduced from childhood to ' love for hunting and fishing, which will remain his great passions for life. These are experiences of a formative relationship and almost initiatory with the nature that will subsequently expressions in some of his best stories.

Noting the earlier talented teachers encouraged him to write, and after graduation he was hired as a reporter from the Kansas City Star. Hemingway began as a profession that will never leave and that will profoundly influence his writing career. Hemingway in 1918 he enlisted as a volunteer ambulance services and is sent on the Italian front. Wounded in Fossalta di Piave, after a period of treatment in Milan back in a short time at the front.
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The horror of the war in the trenches will leave an indelible mark in the development of his personality and the war experiences form the basis for A Farewell to Arms (1929), one of his most famous novels. Returning to the US, and celebrated his native town as a hero, he resumed his activity as a journalist, and began to work on some accounts, but can not re-adapt.
In 1920 lands in Europe as a correspondent for the Toronto Star; after starting for Spain, in 1929, Hemingway back in the US and settled in Key West, Fla.
In '37 he worked as a war correspondent with the American side and the experience will also take a narrative form in his famous novel For Whom the Bell Tolls, published in 1940 and written in Cuba where he moved in 1939. Despite the successes and internationally renowned, write the remains increasingly difficult; his pessimism grows, the image of old and manly Hemingway collapses suddenly. He manages to write a completely new story, the struggle of the fisherman Santiago recounted in The Old Man and the Sea (1952). Weakened in body for long periods is subject to a nervous depression that despite the care of friends and wife, 2 July 1961, will lead him to suicide.
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